Meet Abundant Life Coach,

Sonja J. Archer

Sonja J Archer is a Certified Life Coach. She specializes in helping individuals heal from deep sexual trauma and other relationship abuse. 

Are you burdened by a big secret or deep pain?

 Do you think no one ought to know or find out because you feel so much shame and guilt? Or because you think you will be judged negatively? If so, you are not alone! 

However, there is a way to let go of the pain, shame and guilt and finally have peace in your heart. 

Sonja went through the process of letting go of her deep wounds and has made it her life goal to help others gain the right knowledge so they can live an abundant life.  

Through her many years of experience in human behavior and by using proven coaching techniquesshe will help you take back your power and control, to transform your life.  

When you let go of all that is not love, all that remains is love.

Alan Cohen

How did your pain

Through molestation or sexual abuse from a stranger or a family member? Emotional or physical abuse from a spouse? A boyfriend? 

You may feel worthless, ashamed, possibly even angry towards whatever it is that causes your pain. You have this heavy baggage that you are holding on to and you don’t know how to put it down! 

Your pain does not want to let you go! 

There is a process however that will release your pain if you are truly willing to let it go! 

I want to empower you to take back your life and live it according to your purpose.

I am here to help you push through your doubts, gain back your confidence and rebuild your selfesteem. It is my goal to see you release your pain and live a successful life.  

Your peace will help people more than your suffering.


A Message from Sonja

I was born and raised in Germany.

My mother was German, my father was US Military.

I came to this country at the age of 16 and learned English.

After a bit of culture shock, I got used to the American way of life.

At the core though, I have retained the “Old World Values” that were taught to me by my mom and grandmother.

As an abundant life coach I am focusing on healing from sexual trauma, mindset and relationships.

Healing and mindset were very important in allowing me to find peace inside my heart and to be successful in my life.

I experienced sexual trauma when I was a child and emotional abuse while I was married. These were major factors that required healing and a change in my thinking.

I understand how important it is to have life changing breakthroughs by gaining the right knowledge and determination to transform your life.

I have already helped individuals gain the proper understanding of their life issues and I saw the positive results. That is why I now have a real passion to help those who are in pain and in need of direction or guidance to let go of that pain.

As your coach and mentor I want to help you go through the steps necessary to change your life and become a successful you.

I am ready to listen and help you figure things out, but also hold you accountable when needed. I am looking forward to an honest conversation with you to really get to know you and help you redesign your life.

It takes a deep commitment to change and an even deeper commitment to grow.


Spring 2021

8 week Healing Course – The Ultimate Breakthrough

Going through the process of healing and releasing your emotional Pain body.

What you can expect when you are working with Sonja and her signature

8-Week Healing Course:


Sonja will walk with you through the healing process. What she is asking you to do, she has already gone through. That is how she knows it works. Going through the modules will change how you see yourself, how you do certain things and eventually how you live your life.

Sonja will help you stay focused and she will guide you every step of the way. You also have your own beautiful workbook to keep up with the lessons and go over them again whenever you need to.



Be prepared for the insights you will gain about yourself and the new meaning you will give to events that happened in your life. You will finally be able to let go of thoughts and feelings that are no longer serving you. Be excited for the transformation that will happen to you and in your life!


Living an abundant life will affect your health, wealth, peace, purpose and love. You will raise your consciousness and connect deeper on a spiritual level with your energy source, the creator.

Sonja has been very encouraging to me. Her outlook on life is very positive and her suggestions for improving my life are very spot on. Thank you love, keep up the good work!


Sonja has always been there when I needed her. I have experienced quite a few challenges the last few years. Sonja will always make herself available to help. Her calm demeanor and the wisdom she has gained from all her work is very inspiring to me.


8 week Healing Course – The Ultimate Breakthrough

Going through the process of healing and releasing your emotional Pain body.

spaces Now available!

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